The Hooker is available for charter year round. Below is a listing of prime seasons of the North Carolina Outer Banks.


Striper fishing is in full swing by January and it’s been nothing short of phenomenal in recent years. These fish range from twenty to fifty pounds and it’s not uncommon to be battling more than one on the same rod at the same time. Sound crazy? Come charter “The Hooker” and find out what world class striper fishing is all about. Our salon is heated so don’t worry about the cold-just come ready to catch fish. Usually a half-day trip is all you need to catch all the stripers you can handle, but if a full day of fishing is what you need to put away the winter blues, we can handle that too.


The stripers are usually headed back up north by mid March but that’s ok-Now it’s time for Tuna, Tuna, Tuna. Yellowfins are the prime target during spring and usually there’s plenty of them. Tunas are great fighters and will give you all you can handle by days end. Also, the tasty mahi-mahi start showing up around this time. Jumping way out of the water, they put on a great show when hooked.


Dolphins are showing up in force by now and the tunas are still around as well. This is a great time to try your luck battling a hundred pound (or much bigger) Big Eye Tuna. These are real bruisers so be ready for the fight of a lifetime. Never caught a billfish? Blue Marlin, White Marlin and Sailfish start frequenting our waters during this time so come charter “The Hooker” to fulfill your life’s dream.


Book your charter now on “The Hooker” to get in on the hottest white marlin bite on the east coast. This is usually prime time White Marlin fishing and double digit releases are a real possibility. The full August moon means the big blues are lurking in our off-shore waters-try your shot at hooking a grander! Also, the dolphin are still around and by the end of September, yellowfin tuna should be back in force.


Yellowfin tuna fishing is going strong now-if conditions are right you’ll be chunking instead of trolling. If you’ve never done this kind of fishing before it’s a must. It’s non stop action that will leave you begging for mercy! By the middle of November striper fishing is starting up again and life is good! What could be better than year round fishing on the Outer Banks!